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Referral Program

Referral Program

Crafting Connections: Building Lasting Relationships

Welcome to TecDevs.Net, your trusted partner in technology solutions! We’re excited to introduce our Referral Program, designed to empower both our valued clients and their networks.

Why Refer TecDevs.Net?

Referring TecDevs.Net is entrusting your network with a powerhouse of tech solutions. Our proficiency in web development, e-commerce, app development, and digital marketing ensures your referrals receive bespoke solutions tailored to their business needs. Committed to excellence, client satisfaction, and positive impact, we transcend being mere service providers; we emerge as trusted partners in empowering businesses to their full potential

Your Network, Your Impact

Empower your network as a catalyst for positive change. Each referral to TecDevs.Net holds the potential to leave a lasting impact on businesses, foster innovation, and achieve shared success. Your network is more than a connection—it’s a potent force for positive change and growth. Join TecDevs.Net in crafting an impact that extends beyond transactions, shaping a thriving community of referral success.

Your Referrals Matter

Your recommendations go beyond referrals—they drive our success at TecDevs.Net. We deeply value the impact each referral makes. Both referrers and those referred can earn up to a 20% cash bonus upon project completion or first payment receipt. Your trust is the cornerstone of our journey, making referrals a rewarding experience for all. Thank you for being a vital part of our success story.

Our 4-D Process Of Referral Program

Explore the exciting journey of how referring our services not only empowers businesses but also delight in rewards as successful referrals culminate in tangible incentives, turning your efforts into a rewarding experience.


Recommend TecDevs.Net

Share the positive experiences you’ve had with our services by recommending TecDevs.Net to your network. Your endorsement is a powerful testament to the quality and innovation we bring to the table.


Submit Referral Form

Complete our easy-to-use referral form, providing us with the necessary details about you as a referrer. Your insights enable us to initiate a seamless and personalized engagement.


Review and Confirm

Our expert team will meticulously review each referral, ensuring they meet the eligibility criteria for our services. This careful examination guarantees that we can deliver exceptional solutions to every referred client.


Earn Rewards

Upon the successful completion of the referred project or receipt of the first payment from the referred client, you can get a referral reward of up to 20% of the project package. Your efforts deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Join us in this mutually beneficial journey.

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Referral Program FAQs

Answering Your Inquiries

Find answers to your queries with our comprehensive FAQs. We address common questions, ensuring clarity and transparency in the referral program. Your inquiries matter, and we’re here to provide the information you need.

To participate, simply recommend TecDevs.Net’s services to your network and complete our easy referral form.

The cash bonus is calculated as a percentage (up to 20%) of the project value upon its successful completion or upon receipt of the first payment from the referred client.

  1. The referrer recommends TecDevs.Net to their network.
  2. Upon the successful completion of the referred project or upon receiving the first payment from the referred client, the referrer is eligible to earn a cash bonus of up to 20% of the project value.
  1. The referred client engages with TecDevs.Net for a project initiated through the referral.
  2. Upon the successful completion only the referred client is also eligible to receive a cash bonus of up to 20% of the project value.


  • The bonus percentages for both the referrer and the referred client are calculated based on the total project value.
  • The bonuses are processed and disbursed upon the specified milestones, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  • The bonus is a gesture of appreciation for the role both parties play in contributing to the success of the referred project.

The form will require your name, you email address, your phone number and your business website URL (If any).

Our expert team will carefully review each referral to ensure eligibility. You’ll be notified promptly about the status of your referral.

You will receive your referral rewards upon the successful completion of the referred project or upon receiving the first payment from the referred client.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Feel free to recommend TecDevs.Net to as many contacts as you think would benefit.

Yes, our referral program is open globally. You can refer individuals and businesses from anywhere in the world.

Yes, both the referrer and the referred client have the opportunity to earn a bonus through our referral program.

Referral rewards are contingent on the successful completion of the referred project or upon receiving the first payment. If the project doesn’t proceed, the referral may not qualify for rewards.

You will receive regular updates on the progress of your referrals through the contact information provided in the referral form.

As of now, there is no time limit for earning referral rewards. Our referral program is ongoing, providing you with continuous opportunities to earn rewards for successful referrals.

Note: The referral bonus is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the referral program, and it is contingent upon the successful completion of the referred project or the receipt of the first payment. Both the referrer and the referred client contribute to the success of the collaboration, and our bonus structure is designed to recognize and reward their valuable roles upon refund policy.

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Empower and Earn up to 20% on each successful reference.

Unlock a world of opportunities by becoming a TecDevs.Net referrer. Fill out our Referrer Signup Form to start your journey of recommending our top-tier tech solutions to your network.

Share your positive experiences and earn rewards as your referrals turn into successful collaborations. Join us in shaping the future of technology solutions.